Volume 2, Issue 1

On December 7, 2013, 7 undergraduates presented their research to an audience of faculty, students, fellows, and senior fellows at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC. This issue will include video from the December symposium. Full papers coming soon.

“From the Ground Up: Archaeology and Landscape in the Xanthos Watershed”
Genevieve Flynn and Kristin Otto, DePauw University
Abstract | Paper and Video

“Brasidas: The Spartan Nautikos”
Zak Garriss, Reed College
Abstract | Paper and Video

“Derrida and Oral Tradition: Echoes of the Homeric Pithoi of Zeus and the Hesiodic Pithos of Pandora”
Maxwell Gray, Rhodes College
Abstract | Paper and Video

“The Athenian Decadrachm and the Athenian Arkhē
Adam Kasarda, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Abstract | Paper and Video

“Cicero and Adams: Architects of the Founding”
Garrett Lysford, Concordia College
Abstract | Paper and Video

“Hoplite Ideology: Developing Social Identity in Archaic Greece and Classical Greece”
Luke Madson, Knox Colllege
Abstract | Paper and Video

Editorial Board
Pedar Foss, DePauw University
Ellen Millender, Reed College
Joe Jansen, Rhodes College
Thomas J. Figueira, Rutgers
Heather Gruber, Concordia College
Danielle Fatkin, Knox College

Editorial Assistants
Mary Henning, Concordia College
Amanda Laughlin, University of Maryland