Greek Maymester 2012: Athens and environs

We saved the big A till last, but we weren’t unprepared; all the way round Greece we had been seeing temples and monuments put up by Athenians, or commemorating victories over them. By the time our bus dropped us off in front of the Arch of Hadrian, and before even seeing them, we’d already complicated … Read moreGreek Maymester 2012: Athens and environs

Greek Maymester 2012: The Peloponnese

A great deal of mutual learning took place over the course of the Maymester. As at Phaistos, the students were often asked to take the time to investigate a site for themselves – and then to give their own tour to the profs. Every student was also asked to prepare two presentations on topics which … Read moreGreek Maymester 2012: The Peloponnese

Greek Maymester 2012: The Argolid

Goodbye to Crete, land of lawgivers, long lunches, and battling nuns. We left Heraklion on the “Knossos Palace”, a nice reminder of Greek thalassocracies past and present, and headed due north for Nafplion via Athens.   On the way we made a stop at Lerna, where we visited the 3rd millennium BCE House of the … Read moreGreek Maymester 2012: The Argolid

Greek Maymester 2012: Crete

We spent three days on Crete, visiting the Minoan “palaces” at Knossos and Phaistos, the smaller administrative and domestic complexes at Haghia Triadha and Archanes, the cemetery at Fourni and the museum at Heraklion.   The “palaces”, a term we quickly came to problematize, gave us plenty of food for thought and discussion. Knossos, while … Read moreGreek Maymester 2012: Crete

Greek Maymester 2012: Santorini

«Ένα», «δύο», «τρία», «τέσσερις», «πέντε», «έξι», «επτά», «οκτώ», «εννέα», «δέκα». And there you have us, numbers one to ten, scrambling into place on the minibus and sinking into our seats, bright and breezy after breakfast, hot and exhausted by the end of the day, site after site and carpark after carpark, from Santorini to Knossos … Read moreGreek Maymester 2012: Santorini